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Say hi to your Mother for me and enjoy some pics from The Other Guys


We've still got a bit til August gets here, but we found some pics fromTHE OTHER GUYS you can enjoy.

The film looks hilarious. Mainly because of pairing of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. I also I tend to love anything that comes from Adam McKay, even the stuff that he and Ferrell do on Funny or Die. It may seem like the same schtick over and over, but I am always laughing. So needless to say, McKay's films end up being the ones I will watch over and over. I'm thinking it will be the same for this one as well.

The pics were found over at Ecranlarge. A lot of them might be familiar to you because of the trailer. Check them out below.

Extra Tidbit: Steve Coogan is in this. Did anyone like HAMLET 2?
Source: Ecranlarge



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