Say it ain't so Uwe!

A lot of people hate Uwe Boll as a filmmaker, right? They think DUNGEON SIEGE and BLOODRAYNE are wastes of celluloid. I personally think that Boll is an original cinematic voice with uncompromising visions of filmic genius. That’s why a recent interview between Boll and FEARnet disturbs me. They asked him if he was aware that a petition has been signed online by 18,000 people asking him to stop making movies. Boll answered that he was aware, but that it wasn’t enough to “convince” him. However, Boll said that one million signatures would be able to convince him, and that terrifies me. The fact that 982,000 more signatures can put my personal guru (and one of the best filmmakers of all time) out of business, terrifies me. This is me, to all of you, as you friend: DON’T SIGN THE PETITION! LET UWE BOLL CONTINUE TO MAKE BRILLIANT FILMS! I’M BEING SARCASTIC! If interested, you can find said petition HERE.
Extra Tidbit: No dude, f*ck Uwe!!!
Source: FEARnet



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