Scalp your own Nazis with Lt. Aldo Raine's knife

I really wish that I lived in California so I could go to some of the movie prop auctions that happen frequently out there. The stuff that isn't saved for Planet Hollywood gets sold to the highest bidder, and this particular one caught my eye for one reason.

On Saturday, September 11th in El Segundo there's an "auction extravaganza" with props from various films, both recent and not-so-much. You can own Milla Jovovich's entire outfit from RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE or Kelly Brooks' bikini from PIRANHA 3D (the closest you will ever get to either of them), but that's not the highlight.

Yes, as you can see from my title and picture, you can own Lt. Aldo Raines scalping knife, which might be one of the most iconic knife scenes in movie history, right up there with SCREAM, PSYCHO and CROCODILE DUNDEE.

There's a bunch of BASTERDS stuff up for grabs besides the knife (which is in my opinion the coolest), but there are also dog tags, ticket stubs and Eli Roth's concealed glove gun up for the taking. But that knife, man, though I'd expect to shell out a pretty penny for it.

Read the full list of props up for grabs in the release here.

Extra Tidbit: You really do have to be kind of a weirdo to buy Kelly Brook's bikini.
Source: Joblo.com



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