Scarecrow back?

Hot off the quiet reveal of the DARK KNIGHT logo, we've got some word on what villain might be joining the Joker in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel. Batman-on-Film is reporting that Cillian Murphy and the Scarecrow will return for THE DARK KNIGHT. Originally there were rumors that Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin would be in the film but that news was debunked and many began to wonder if another villain would join Joker. It's unclear how large Scarecrow's role will be but he may play a part in helping Joker concoct his "Joker toxin". BOF has a number of other interesting tidbits in their latest update including that Maggie Gyllenhaal's Rachel will have a larger part than Katie Holmes did and that Batman's suit will now be made of a more flexible chainmail type material. Here's hoping for some dramatic reveals at this summer's Comic-Con.

Extra Tidbit: In the "Knightfall" storyline Joker and Scarecrow team only to have Scarecrow turn on Joker using his fear gas on him. It doesn't work and Joker beats his senseless for his treason.
Source: Batman-on-Film



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