Scarlett is brilliant

Scarlett Johansson must love being in movies because she's sure in a lot of them. She's in so many movies that they aren't even events anymore (were they ever?) THE NANNY DIARIES was just a little blip on the film radar, wasn't it. But I guess the more movies she does, the better the chances that she'll appear topless in one of them, so keep acting Scarlett!

Almost as though she heard that plea, Scarlett has indeed signed on to another film called BRILLIANCE, a heist movie. Director Samuel Bayer, who directed JT's 'What Goes Around' video which also starred Scarlett told MTV recently:

“It’s called ‘Brilliance’ and it’s about diamond thieves, and we start shooting this winter,” Bayer said. “So many things came together in all the right ways. It really was a case of ‘what goes around, comes around.’ In a good way.”

Hmmm, Scarlett as a diamond thief? Do you guys see any topless potential there? Doubt it. Come on Bayer, it's up to you now. You hold the fate of the world in your hands. Don't muck it up. As for Scarlett, she can next be seen with all her clothes unfortunately on in THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL (with another never-nude, Natalie Portman).

Extra Tidbit: Scarlett is still rumoured to star in Roman Polanski's historical epic POPMPEII.
Source: MTV



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