Scarlett talks Amazon

For a while, buoyant babe Scarlett Johansson has supposedly involved with an Amazon action-drama, but so far we haven't seen her wielding weaponry in 200 BC.

That may be changing (along with her hairstyle) -- a recent Variety fluff piece about how she went from blonde to redhead had this Scarlett quote regarding the project tucked at the bottom: "I think I'm supposed to be a gladiatrix. These film guys are crazy about gladiatrixes. But do I fit into the Amazon mold? I'm a Danish/Jewish girl from New York. I've done weapons training. I've fired all kinds of guns: 9 mm, semi-automatics, machine-guns, shotguns. I've jumped off a 60-foot building. I learned to ride for 'The Horse Whisperer.' But I've never done a full-on action role."

Last we heard, this AMAZON WARRIOR project was initially her idea (OUTLANDER scribes Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain were previously involved), so one would think she's right and ready for the part. Whether it will be preceded by her playing slinky Russian super-agent Black Widow in IRON MAN 2 remains to be seen -- her (and other) casting on that movie has yet to be officially announced or confirmed.

Extra Tidbit: Among the bizarro emails I get (between bank scams and mail-order brides, which by the way I have STILL not received) is one dude's continued insistence that Scarlett is actually a clone. Not kidding -- see for yourself.
Source: Variety



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