Schwarzenegger's Commando gets a remake, of course

Remember when I promised to remake you last? I lied.

That's right: COMMANDO, Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic of cartoon violence, is  being given the remake treatment over at Fox, who never met a previously existing property they didn't like.

Deadline says that David Ayer (TRAINING DAY, STREET KINGS) is writing and directing the reboot. Ayer will reportedly "put his own real-world spin" on the material and offer a hero who is "less brawny, but more skilled in covert tactics", all of which seems to be in direct contrast with the original movie and its complete disregard for logic, realism or continuity.

The 1985 massacre, produced by Joel Silver, starred Schwarzenegger as a retired elite soldier whose daughter (pre-delicious Alyssa Milano) is kidnapped to coerce him back into service. He teams with a reluctant flight attendant (Rae Dawn Chong) and goes forth on a vengeful rage against his former comrades, an effeminate adversary and an entire fictional country.

In case you missed it, Russia already made their own over-the-top update of COMMANDO (with faithful wardrobe!):

Extra Tidbit: Arnie returned to COMMANDO's fictional country of Val Verde in PREDATOR. The fake locale was also the home of DIE HARD 2's villain general.



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