Schweiger's a Bastard

Joining last week's flurry of INGLORIOUS BASTARDS casting (Diane Kruger, Daniel Bruhl, Paul Rust and Chrisoph Waltz) comes yet another somewhat familiar chiseled face: hunky German superstar Til Schweiger (KING ARTHUR, DRIVEN).

Schweiger and his heroic jaw will be part of Brad Pitt's merry band of Nazi-killers operating in enemy territory in Quentin Tarantino's fast-moving WWII project. He'll next be seen shooting various C-list actors in the videogame adaptation FAR CRY, the latest toxic event from director Uwe Boll.

That fills in the majority of the main BASTARDS cast, except for the vengeance-fueled Jewish fugitive girl who helps set events in motion.

(It seems that 300 warrior Michael Fassbender stepped in to the role vacated by Simon Pegg, a British lieutenant on the mission. For some reason I assumed he'd play a German character as he was born to German parents and is fluent in the language, but he was also raised in Ireland. In retrospect, he's perfect for the character, who'll need to be effective "undercover".)

Extra Tidbit: We heard a rumor that Tarantino visited his PULP FICTION star on the set of the TAKING OF PELHAM 123 remake and invited him to be in the movie, but nothing has been announced since. Surprise cameo?
Source: THR



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