Schwentke to replace McG as director of RIPD

This is my favorite news story because not only do I get to frequently type the last name Schwentke (as in RED director Robert Schwentke) but also news that McG isn't directing something. McG had been in talks to direct R.I.P.D., the Ryan Reynolds action flick about dead cops patrolling the underworld, but left the project to concentrate on another film, THIS MEANS WAR. Universal, hot to get the adaptation of the Dark Horse graphic novel in production in early 2011, moved quickly to find a replacement and with RED earning its fair share of positive buzz, began talks with Schwentke.

Schwentke on R.I.P.D. isn't a done deal yet but both sides are in talks and Universal wants to close the deal quickly so that the director can immediately begin pre-production on the design and effects work for the film. With GREEN LANTERN 2 already in prep, Reynolds' schedule is only getting busier and busier so there's a limited window of time for him to be able to take on R.I.P.D. If they can't fit it in when Reynolds is available, the whole project may be in jeopardy.

Reynolds has BURIED set for release this fall while Schwentke is putting the finishing touches on RED with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

Extra Tidbit: Schwentke is also developing SHADOW DIVERS for Fox.
Source: LA Times



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