Sci-Fi for Besson?

When Luc Besson originally conceived of the idea for THE FIFTH ELEMENT at age 18 (!) he had forseen an epic trilogy. It obviously went through a lot of changes before it was finally made - for example, Korben Dallas (Willis) was actually originally a factory-worker that manufactured rocket ships, but was changed when the film's conceptual designer was hired to illustrate a comic-book in which there is a character who flies a cab through the congested futuristic air-traffic - and went on to make over $250 million at the box-office. Anyway, it looks like Besson is going to return to the genre of science-fiction with a trilogy, for which he believes he has a concept.

Bessons says “I’m going to try to do it again. I’m going to try and do a trilogy. Yeah. Not before two or three years. I got an idea I think.” This sounds like great news to me, I've always been a fan of the guy's stuff. His next work to be seen will be the Liam Neeson film TAKEN which he wrote and is scheduled for release next year.
Extra Tidbit: If I could date any character from a movie it would probably be LeeLoo from THE FIFTH ELEMENT.
Source: Moviehole



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