Scorsese gets Gandhi

For a good while there, Sir Ben Kingsley didn't seem too fussy when selecting projects (maybe you had the misfortune of seeing THUNDERBIRDS, or A SOUND OF THUNDER, or BLOODRAYNE), so it's nice to see the powerful screen veteran and sexy beast back in prime material.

Kingsley has joined Martin Scorsese's thriller SHUTTER ISLAND, adding his considerable talent to a pool already occupied by Mark Ruffalo and Marty's go-to guy Leonardo DiCaprio. The story, based on the book by Beantown boy Dennis Lehane (MYSTIC RIVER, GONE BABY GONE), follows a pair of US Marshals visiting an island mental institution to secure an escaped murderer, but a hurricane and a series of strange occurrences conspire to keep them trapped on the isle of loons. Kingsley will play the chief kook doc.

The movie starts shooting next year after Leo finishes up on Ridley Scott's BODY OF LIES. Kingsley is at work on the Mike Myers "comedy" THE LOVE GURU (see previous statement about questionable decisions).
Extra Tidbit: Wolfgang Petersen (THE PERFECT STORM, POSEIDON) was previously attached to direct SHUTTER ISLAND. The guy loves lousy weather.
Source: Variety



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