Scorsese goes HBO?

Martin Scorsese seems to be growing similar to guys like Steven Spielberg and David Fincher -- not just in that they're all great directors, but they have a penchant for collecting far more projects than they actually get around to making.

Scorsese has added another project on his "to do" list, but it's a bit smaller in scale. He's thinking about revisiting the realm of gambling and crime for BOARDWALK EMPIRE, an upcoming HBO drama about the rise of Atlantic City in the 1920s. You just know there's gonna be some old-fashioned "enforcing" done by a few mob types...

The show is based on a book by Nelson Johnson. Scorsese, who was already executive producing the proposed series, would handle directing duties on the pilot episode. He's currently putting the finishing touches on his latest Leo collaboration SHUTTER ISLAND.

Extra Tidbit: The only other TV directing Scorsese has done is an episode of the 80s show AMAZING STORIES, which also featured work from Spielberg, Joe Dante and Clint Eastwood.



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