Scorsese talks Invention with Ben Kingsley & Sacha Baron Cohen

Ben Kingsley and Sacha Baron Cohen are currently in talks to join Martin Scorsese's next, THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET.

Cohen is in negotiations to play the role of the station inspector. Kingsley will play George Méliès, the famous silent filmmaker who plays a very important part in the film.

This project will definitely be one to look out for. The film is adapted from the book of the same name by Brian Selznick. It's a departure from something you might expect from the director. INVENTION is a children's book that blends words and visuals to tell an interesting story. The book is 526 pages and 300 of them are animation.

Here is the summary of the book taken from the website:

"ORPHAN, CLOCK KEEPER, AND THIEF, twelve-year-old Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. But when his world suddenly interlocks with an eccentric girl and the owner of a small toy booth in the train station, Hugo’s undercover life, and his most precious secret, are put in jeopardy. A cryptic drawing, a treasured notebook, a stolen key, a mechanical man, and a hidden message all come together...in The Invention of Hugo Cabret."

Extra Tidbit: Georges Méliès made the world's first science fiction film. To check it out, head over here. Someone else was very inspired by Méliès at one point: "Believe in me as I believe in you."
Source: Deadline



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