Scott Pilgrim ending

No spoilers here, just a pointing out that if you're following the SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD comics, you shouldn't expect the film to be exactly the same. Particularly, the ending. The comic book's creator/writer, Bryan Lee O'Malley says, via Twitter:

"None of Vol 6 is in the movie. Note that I haven't finished writing it yet, but they're already making a movie. Their ending is their ending."

Apparently O'Malley was consulted about where the film would go and he gave suggestions, but things might have changed since. He added that:

“Totally Pleased With The Movie... some of the “Subplots from 6 books do not fit in one 2-hour movie, and I’m glad my adaptors know this.”

I've never read any of this thing so I really don't have anywhere to go now in terms of analysis or commentary. Likewise, I've written about my monumental boner for Mary Elizabeth Winstead about a hundred times this week, so I don't want to go there either. Just pictures then I guess :(

Extra Tidbit: This is Edgar Wright's first feature film wtihout Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
Source: /Film



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