Scott Pilgrim gets a release date and Edgar Wright tricks us

It's not just any release date either, it's pitting the SCOTT PILGRIM gang against THE EXPENDABLES crew.

First in the box office battle will be PILGRIM on August 13th. Then on the next Friday, August 20th, THE EXPENDABLES will attempt to crush Michael Cera. My bet is that Cera will sucker punch Stallone coming out on top, but Lungren could break him. Personally, I don't care who gets the most money. I just want to see both of these films.

PILGRIM director Edgar Wright also thought it would be funny to play a joke on his salivating fans today. Wright posted this message on his Twitter page:

"And one more exclusive to leave you with. The 'Scott Pilgrim' trailer. Featuring all seven evil exes! Enjoy. [link]"

Bastard! It is a rather pleasant alternative. Seriously though, when do we get a trailer?

Extra Tidbit: Which will you be spending your hard earned cash on? SCOTT PILGRIM or THE EXPENDABLES?
Source: /FilmTwitter



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