Scott Pilgrim gets back to his roots with Adult Swim for Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation

One of the best things about SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD is the animation from writer Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Sure, I'm already over the moon about wanting to see the movie in all of it's live-action goodness, but I have a soft spot for the graphic novels. If you like the novels, or perhaps haven't read them and want some insight you might enjoy these animated shorts. Sadly, I do not have the full product. Only a commercial and a short clip to share.

The project came about when Universal approached Cartoon Network about doing something promotion-wise for the film. Basically their idea was to animate a part of the graphic novel that didn't show up in the movie. From there, O'Malley and director Edgar Wright got behind the project with the end product being a 4-minute animated short of how Scott met Kim Pine.

The actors/actresses from the film voice their characters, except for Mae Whitman and Jason Schwartzman who will be filling in for different roles.

SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE ANIMATION will play on Cartoon Network on August 12th in two parts--one at midnight and the other at 12:30 AM inside commercial breaks during Adult Swim. After it airs you'll have a chance to check it out the next day on the SCOTT PILGRIM facebook page and on adultswim.com. Check out both videos below, and make sure to click on the second screencap to view the short clip.

Extra Tidbit: Titmouse Inc. are responsible for the animated shorts. You might be familiar with Titmouse due to their work with METALOCALYPSE and AFRO SAMURAI.
Source: /Film



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