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Scott Pilgrim's Mark Webber to direct himself, his two-year old son, Michael Cera, and more in his new indie drama


Most of you will likely know Mark Webber as 'Stephen Stills' from last year's awesome SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, though he's had smaller parts in other films such as Jim Jarmusch's BROKEN FLOWERS and Woody Allen's HOLLYWOOD ENDING. But now, Webber is turning his attention to directing a new indie feature that will include his two-year old son and real-life friends Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried (NOW, RED RIDING HOOD), Shannyn Sossamon (MAN WITHOUT A HEAD, A KNIGHT'S TALE), and Jason Ritter (A BAG OF HAMMERS, THE EDUCATION OF CHARLIE BANKS).

Webber will write, direct, and star in the untitled film (reportedly being made for well under $1 million) that centers on a struggling single father (Webber) raising his two-year-old son after the mother's death. The story apparently mirrors Webberís life so closely that he'll be using his own two-year old son in the film. Here's Webber talking to THR's Risky Business blog, elaborating on the idea:

"Thatís the crux of the film. After spending so much time with my son being a father, I became obsessed with the idea of showing the most authentic father-son dynamic on screen."

Webber is said to also be taking great steps to shield his son from the daily realities of filming a movie, doing his best to make the experience as non-invasive as possible. He'll be shooting with essentially no crew, using only himself, a director of photography, and a sound man.

"Itís been really cool and eye-opening to limit the exposure to my son but create the scenes and moments that seem realistically uncomfortable. The blurring of boundaries and the overcompensation that you do with a child -- how you look to them for affection when itís not appropriate? Itís been an exercise to capture real life moments and still tell a compelling story."

So what about his real-life friends Cera, Seyfried, Sossamon, and Ritter? According to Webber, they'll be playing versions of themselves.

"Iím getting them to show a real side of who they are and smash that up with peopleís expectations of celebrity."
Extra Tidbit: It's good to hear that guys like Webber are out there trying different things, even if it's on a very small scale.



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