Scott takes Passage

Fox has acquired the rights to the upcoming vampire novel THE PASSAGE for Ridley Scott to produce and direct. The book was written under the pseudonym "Jordan Ainsley" but the real author is Hemingway Award winner Justin Cronin. The film takes place in a postapocalyptic 2016 where the government experiments on death row inmates. As you might expect, one day the experiment goes terribly wrong turning the inmates into infectious vampires. All while this is taking place, a young girl named Amy finds she has "special powers" that might help the issue at hand. Sound like something you might want to read? Well don't exactly camp out at Barnes and Noble just yet. The book isn't expected to hit stores until 2009. Two years away and already sold for seven figures. Fox and Scott are hoping to turn PASSAGE into a trilogy to compete with some upcoming vampire flicks like DRACULA YEAR ZERO, CASTLEVANIA and THE HISTORIAN. No word yet on who might take a stab at adapting a script. Scott will be in attendance at next week's Comic-Con promoting BLADE RUNNER on DVD so feel free to ask him a question about this flick...

Extra Tidbit: Ballantine picked up the rights to the book for a cool $3.75 million.
Source: Variety



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