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Scream 4 adds lovely ladies Alison Brie and Mary McDonnell to its cast


The SCREAM 4 casting news just keeps coming in!

Yesterday, it was announced that Adam Brody, Marley Shelton, and Erik Knudsen would be the latest lining up to likely get killed in the third sequel to the meta horror franchise. And now, according to TheWrap, joining them will be Alison Brie ("Community", "Mad Men") and Mary McDonnell ("Battlestar Galactica", INDEPENDENCE DAY).

While it's apparently unclear who McDonnell will be playing (probably a parent, I would imagine?), TheWrap does say that Brie "will play Rebecca, franchise heroine Sidney Prescott's ambitious personal assistant who secretly envies her boss' reluctant fame and fortune."

SCREAM 4 slashes its way into theaters April 15, 2011.
Extra Tidbit: I'll be perfectly honest, I couldn't be more indifferent about yet another sequel to SCREAM. However, I am not indifferent to Alison Brie, and here's a 45 second reason why you shouldn't be either.
Source: TheWrap



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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