Scream 4 and more

If you're suffering from the current economic deterioration and a few questionable business decisions, what can you do? Why not form a partnership with Showtime and make another SCREAM movie?

Okay, that may not be the perfect solution for everyone, but it's good enough for the Weinstein Co., who are doing that very thing. TWC are no longer flying solo, having formed a "long-term strategic partnership" with the cable giant, which will provide an assist on the Weinsteins' current and future slate.

That future slate apparently involves yet another stabby adventure of "Ghostface"/"Father Death". SCREAM 4 was officially announced as part of the deal, along with PIRANHA 3D, remakes of Cronenberg's SCANNERS and Kurosawa's THE SEVEN SAMURAI, and THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN... plus the recently mobilized projects NINE and INGLORIOUS BASTARDS.

No further details on SCREAM 4 were offered, but it's safe to assume it will involve one or more people wearing a Munch-inspired mask and slicing familiar actors into messy piles.
Extra Tidbit: In SCREAM 3, Jamie Kennedy posthumously laid down the "rules" for contending with a killer in the concluding chapter of a trilogy. If only he were alive to tell us what to do in a fourth. R.I.P., Jamie Kennedy.
Source: TWC



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