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Scream 4 international trailer takes meta-horror to levels never thought possible


You know, I'm all for meta-movies being self aware and breaking the fourth wall and all those cool tricks, but I think SCREAM 4 might be taking things a little too far here.

Yes, part of the genius of the earlier films was its commentary on modern horror clichés, but practically this entire trailer is made up of kids sitting around, speculating about who among them will die because of the latest crop of horror movie trends in this day and age.

This could either work, or it could end up trying too hard and lose itself by attemping to be overly clever. I want to have faith Craven still has it in him, but I just can't tell from anything I've seen yet.

Extra Tidbit: This filmed in my city. Hayden Panettiere had midgets going around dressed as Oompa Loompas inviting people to her birthday party in town. I swear.
Source: JoBlo.com



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