Scream 4 loses Ashley Greene, gains Emma Roberts

Just last week, we reported that a bunch of young actors were in talks for roles in the upcoming SCREAM 4. One of those was TWILIGHT's Ashley Greene who would've been up for the role of "Jill" (similar to the Neve Campbell role from the original). Well, now she's out of the running, according to EW's Hollywood Insider. But taking her place will be the very cute (and definitely younger) Emma Roberts (VALENTINE'S DAY, HOTEL FOR DOGS).

From EW: "I'm so excited to be part of this ground-breaking franchise," says Roberts, who's best known for playing Nancy Drew and last year's Hotel for Dogs. "It’s the perfect opportunity for me to do something completely different than I’ve ever done before." Director/producer Wes Craven adds, "Emma's talent, beauty, and range will add immensely to the sophistication, intensity, and fun of the Scream franchise as it returns to the screen once more."

Casting Roberts makes a bit more sense, at least when you consider that Rory Culkin (SAVAGE INNOCENT, DOWN IN THE VALLEY) is up for the role of Jill's boyfriend. I don't know about you, but I can't really see Culkin with Ashley Greene. Roberts on the other hand, with her more Girl Next Door vibe, makes a bit more sense. (Side Note: They also starred together in this year's Sundance film TWELVE for director Joel Schumacher.)

SCREAM 4 begins filming at the end of June and is due out on April 15, 2011.
Extra Tidbit: You may recall Roberts from the film BLOW where she played Johnny Depp's character's young daughter.



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