Scream 4 teaser poster, and comments from Wes Craven

The Weinsteins continue struggling to survive during their much-publicized financial deterioration, so it's no shock they're resurrecting successful franchises like the SCREAM series.

Yet another sharp-edged adventure of "Ghostface"/"Father Death" is indeed on the way with original director Wes Craven, and EW has a look at the teaser poster for the sequel (the first of a new trilogy?), already planned for release on April 15, 2011.

EW also talks about the SCREAM series with genre veteran Craven, who lays it on a bit thick: "I can’t think of another film that has not only a true trilogy, where you’re following a single central character over three pictures, but has the complexity to the story and other characters that also have continued along. And then 10 years later, to come back to those same characters and same actors, and continue that story in a way that’s totally organic. It’s kind of unprecedented."

As for why he returned to Dimension's stabby satire series, Craven ironically claims: "We feel it’s time for something new and different, and that’s what this film is going to be."

Craven also discusses the sequel's setting, the state of the genre, and the returning trio of stars (Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox), but doesn't give too many details beyond that. Read the whole interview HERE.

Extra Tidbit: After so many other horror movies have satirized the horror genre since the SCREAMs (including Dimension's own SCARY MOVIE franchise), do you still have much interest in seeing another one?
Source: EW



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