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Screenwriter hints that Marvel will have a female superhero movie very soon


As the number of superhero movies continues to increase, there has yet to be a film headlined by a female superhero on her own. Sure, we have Black Widow and Wonder Woman as strong, positive female heroes, but where are their own adventures without being supported by Captain America, Batman, or Superman? The wait may not last much longer.

Nicole Perlman, screenwriter on the upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, shared a bit of what led her to coming onboard the James Gunn film which features a strong female presence in Zoe Saldana's Gamora and Karen Gillan's Nebula. Here is what she told Time Magazine.

"I can’t tell you what the other titles were that they were offering up on the table, but I can tell you that one of them was a little bit more appropriate for me, just based on gender. I think they were a little taken aback when I chose Guardians, because there were ones that would make a lot more sense if you were a romantic-comedy writer or something like that."

Marvel could be looking to make a Black Widow standalone film or, more likely, there could be a Ms./Captain Marvel movie on the horizon. There are other heroes like She-Hulk or Elektra that could hold their own, maybe even Wasp, but Captain Marvel seems the safest bet. We also know that Kevin Feige has at least a decade more mapped out and eventually they may run out of strong, primary heroes to make into movies.

Whatever the case, Perlman passed on writing the film but with the box office looking solid for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, she may get the chance to revisit that project again if she so chooses. Stay tuned for the results after GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY opens this Friday.

Source: Time Magazine



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