Scribe Roberto Orci responds to fan complaints to Star Trek 2 short peek

Remember that really quick glimpse of STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS that J.J. Abrams gave us on Conan? Apparently showing three frames of the film did not please the masses.

I knew that people weren't in love with the title for the film, but I didn't realize so many people were bitching about the footage. After an article on TrekMovie.com about the Conan clip, readers went to town on complaints. What were the complaints? Pick one. The thing that set writer Roberto Orci off was this comment (he responded to others as well) from a reader calling himself, Ahmed (Blastr via GeekTyrant):

"The fact remains that JJ took time off to do Super 8 which affected the production of Star Trek sequel. It is almost 6 months before the movie come out & no marketing whatsoever to promote the movie. No poster, teaser, trailer, viral marketing or official website !!! Only the unimaginative title was released. You guys need to step your game up & fast."

Orci pops his fingers, then gets right to typing this:

"Classic. you essentially are saying, “You’ve given us nothing! Except for that one thing you gave us — the title – and I hate it!” I guess you will have to show me the marketing handbook you are using to question our schedule. Appreciate that you wanna see things ASAP. Delayed gratification is not a strong characteristic of some folks. I get it. All I can say is: relax. the movie is gonna melt your face right off. Your eyeballs are going to bleed. And you’ll thank us;)"

Obviously the whole set up on Conan was a bit. Abrams is always so secretive about his films, and everyone complains about the lack of anything they get from him. I guess some people didn't get it. Should Orci have responded?

Source: TrekMovieBlastr



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