Sean Connery returns!

Some time after LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, screen legend Sir Sean Connery decided he'd had his fill of filmmaking and left it behind for relaxing retirement. Not even the prospect of working Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford again could lure him back.

But now he really is returning -- only it's not all of him, unfortunately. Connery will provide his wonderful Scottish burr to the British animated project SIR BILLI. Alan Cumming is also among the voice cast.

Expanded to feature length from a 2006 short, the movie will feature Connery voicing "a retired, skateboarding veterinarian who lives in a remote Scottish village and who spearheads the rescue of an illegal fugitive who also happens to be a beaver." Oh great, another movie with the same damn storyline. Wait, what?

Singer Shirley Bassey will handle the theme song, as she previously did for Connery on DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and GOLDFINGER.

In honor of Sir Sean's welcome return, a sample of some of his finest work:

Extra Tidbit: Connery also "played" Bond once more in 2005, lending his voice and likeness to the character for the videogame version of FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.
Source: THR



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