Season of Witch trailer

Here's the trailer for the upcoming Nic Cage flick SEASON OF THE WITCH.

The verdict? Um, it's got Christopher Lee and Ron Perlman in it... Honestly, it reminds me of the B movies I used to see on the shelf at Blockbuster. This just does nothing for me, and even though they used "Long Hard Road Out of Hell" by Marilyn Manson in the trailer, it still doesn't work. Maybe I'm just judging it too harshly. The director is Dominic Sena who usually does average work. The only movies of his that I really enjoyed were KALIFORNIA & GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS.

The film is about a witch who is captured and brought to a monastery when she is suspected of using black magic that might have caused the Black Plague. Lavey (Cage) is a 14th century crusader that goes to the town to take care of the witch with the help of his friend, Felson (Perlman). Check it out here from Fandango in HD.

Extra Tidbit: Last weekend I watched the old BEAUTY & THE BEAST series that Perlman was in. Man that shit was weird. The romantic show about beastiality.
Source: Fandango



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