Second Skin doc

I find it rather funny that it's indie films like SECOND SKIN that submit themselves to be given away for free online, knowing they need the money way more than the people behind the $33 special 2-disc DVD edition of TRANSFORMERS. Debuting last year at SXSW, SECOND SKIN tells the stories of a few of the 50 million people who play MMOs online, incluing "World of Warcraft," "Everquest" and "Second Life."

The film is now being shown completely free on Hulu (though you will have a heaping pile of 15 second commercial breaks to sit through). Don’t expect to be completely bummed out by it though, as the subject matter would suggest a rather depressing feature. Yes, there are stories of addiction and loneliness, but it’s balanced with bits like “I met my true love on "World of Warcraft" (and now I'm meeting her in real life and I hope she's not a dude).”

The movie is below via Snagfilms, and I’m definitely going to be watching it once I get a free hour and a half, but right now I’ve got some raids to hit and n00bs to pwn.

Extra Tidbit: What MMOs have you been addicted to? I'll raise my hand for Diablo II.
Source: Snagfilms



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