Sedgewick gets Game

Crazy CRANK creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are assembling a few humans to join Gerard Butler in their upcoming tech thriller GAME, and they just got themselves a (or THE) CLOSER.

Kyra Sedgewick has joined the futuristic flick, along with the previously rumored Michael C. Hall (DEXTER), who apparently plays the film's villain. Moviehole says the project is also seeking a set of hot 21-year-old female twins (hey, who isn't?) to play "horny troublemakers" who show up on computer screens.

In the sci-fi mind twister, Butler plays the top competitor in the online multiplayer game Slayers (the definitive "killer app") where players mind-control other actual humans. Butler next appears with Hilary Swank in the romance P.S. I LOVE YOU, which I would only be interested in if it was called P.S. I LOVE YOU, BUT I CHEATED ON YOU TWICE, ONCE IN NEW ORLEANS AND THEN ON THAT BUSINESS TRIP TO DES MOINES, AND I'M NOT COUNTING THE TRANNY HOOKER IN RIO.
Extra Tidbit: Sedgewick automatically wins the Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. Always.



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