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See a sample of what the US version of Spaced would've been like


If you're a fan of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and all things that are geeky-good, you've seen and adored the brilliant Brit show "Spaced".

The brainchild of SHAUN triumvirate Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, along with co-creator Jessica Hynes, the pop-culture packed show follows an aspiring comic artist (Pegg) and a writer (Hynes) who pretend to be romantically involved in order to get an apartment meant for "professional couples" only. All manner of lunacy, mixed messages, genre references and finger-gun fights ensue.

A few years back, filmmaker McG and Fox decided to Americanize the show, but it never made it past the pilot stage. Simon Pegg (who, along with his cohorts, wasn't consulted or even informed about the US remake) dug up the sample of the show below, making us all very glad it never came to fruition. Sadness follows:

Extra Tidbit: TFU.
Source: Pegg@Twitter



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