See Avatar in IMAX 3D one last time before you buy the DVD. Also, sequel update!

The biggest blockbuster ever hits DVD and Blu-Ray next Thursday, April 22nd (Earth Day), but you won't be seeing it in any dimension other than dual. At least until 3D televisions and applicable DVD release of the movie hit the market, anyway.

So if you want to check out AVATAR on the extra-large screen in 3D, you'd better head out to the nearest AMC theater this weekend -- they're re-releasing the movie in IMAX this Friday and Saturday (April 16th & 17th) on just 61 screens across the country. Check out the full list of locations RIGHT HERE.

Also, if you're in a hurry to see an AVATAR sequel, better hit the braking thrusters. Because apparently James Cameron is taking his time. As producer Jon Landau tells Coming Soon: "Our pressure about an AVATAR sequel is self-imposed. We've always said that if the public wanted a sequel that we would do a sequel. That having been said, in my opinion, Jim has done two sequels in his career, and both times, he has at least equaled if not surpassed the original movie. We're only going to do it when we have a piece of material, a script, that we believe will be at least as entertaining and unique as the first movie was."

Landau does admit that once things build steam, it should take substantially less time to finished product than the first time around: "We figured out how to do it, and our goal in the next one is to do it more cost-effectively and more time-efficiently, and we have kept on a team of our technical staff who is working right now on Gen 2 of what we did, but with all the experience that we've had. We kept them on, and they're working for us right now."

The super-duper 4-disc ultimate edition (until the next one) of AVATAR will be released in November.

Extra Tidbit: Just bring back Zoe. Blue or otherwise.
Source: AMCComing Soon



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