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Franco gets Pineappled

If you thought -or hoped to Hell- it was a joke, where here's the punch line: it ain't. James Franco really did agree to appear in a story-arc for long-running ABC soap General Hospital, and now the network has a promo video to prove it.

Apparently Franco signed on to play an artist involved in some kind of murder plot. I have no friggin clue what that show is about but I would've ventured something along the line of medical stuff. But hey, if Jimmy agreed to it, it can't be all that bad. Not like the guy's desperate for work.

The actor is also lined-up to appear in 30 Rock later this season -now THAT I get- but in the meantime, here's that TV spot for James Franco's upcoming soap venture.

Extra Tidbit: He should've brought the Apatow crew along with him. That would've been the TV event of the decade...
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