See Marisa's Tomeis!

God, I love the French. OK, I'm probably just running on a post-RATATOUILLE high considering the only things I love from France are french fries, french dressing and french bread (BETTER OFF DEAD style). But this morning I've got a little more love for our friends across the sea as they bring us a promo trailer for BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD or as I like to call it The Worldwide Debut of Marisa Tomei's Ta-Tas [Ed. note: She apparently whipped 'em out briefly in FACTOTUM, but this is a better look.]. Yes, not only is Marisa Tomei topless in this movie, she's topless in the trailer. The trailer for chrissake! That's gotta be some kind of super red band trailer!

Of course I'm not trying to be a sexist pig and I know that JoBlo.com has a wonderful female audience (including the fantastic Jenny who toils away diligently behind the scenes here at JoBlo HQ) so for all you ladies, I present to you the second best part of that trailer:

That's some 'stache!!! If you must know more about the film other than Marisa Tomei gets naked, I will tell you that it also stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and is directed by Sidney Lumet so it's probably gonna actually be good to boot (yes, I'm willing to forgive him for FIND ME GUILTY). Watch the trailer by clicking on any of the caps above.

Extra Tidbit: Sidney Lumet's daughter is the wonderfully bosomed Amy Lumet.
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