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See one of the most endearing trailers this year with The Peanuts Movie



Everything we've seen thus far for THE PEANUTS MOVIE has looked like it's keeping in line with Charles Schulz sense of charm and storytelling. Now we have the biggest look yet at the film with this brand new trailer. This preview focuses more on Charlie Brown meeting that new person in town who completely changes everything. The gang is all here and it looks like you couldn't ask for a better film adaptation!

I'll be the first to tell you that cutesy, animated pictures rarely win me over. While I sat in a theater filled with people guffawing over the latest MINIONS trailer, I was left wondering why we would root for some creatures who are always looking to serve those who are evil. Despite never being a huge Peanuts fan, THE PEANUTS MOVIE trailer has all the charm and then some. The visual aesthetic looks great and it all just feels right. Animated films tend to throw in older jokes to keep the adults interested, bu here's a story I think will work for all ages.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE will open in theaters on November 6, 2015.




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