See Pirates 3 early

The PIRATES/SPIDER-MAN opening weekend pissing contest has been taken to the next level. Disney announced today that it will open PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3 a day early to funnel a few more dollars into its opening weekend numbers. Take that Sony Pictures! So for all you readers out there who were planning on sitting at home on May 24th curled up in a ball, biting your fingernails and counting down the seconds until midnight, May 25th, you'll have some early release. Now I don't know who's lucky enough to have a parent who would let them see a three-hour movie at 8pm on a school night, but I was never that guy. I was lucky to make it through "Diff'rent Strokes" before I got sent to bed. Disney isn't making much of the announcement, probably because they don't want people to realize they'll be counting Thursday sales in their weekend total. Of course on May 24th, I know where I'll be - re-watching the "Lost" season finale from the night before.

Extra Tidbit: Sony also rolled in early midnight showings of SPIDER-MAN 3 into their weekend gross.
Source: Variety



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