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See Sacha Baron Cohen's lust for women in these Brothers Grimsby clips


THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY finds two brothers reuniting after years of being apart. As it happens, one brother happens to be an agent from MI-6, while the other is just a football hooligan. That's the set-up for Sacha Baron Cohen's latest, and now we have a few clips that give you an idea of what this movie's all about. Depending on how you like your comedy, that's either a very good or aa very bad thing!

When it comes to Sacha Baron Cohen comedies, you pretty much know what you're going to get. That's fine by me as the man's absolute ridiculousness usually warrants a few chuckles. I'm not saying they're all award winners, but he's got a decent comedic filmography. I don't think THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY will make the kind of dent that BORAT did, but if they really take advantage of the premise, we could have some fun entertainment on our hands.

THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY will open on March 11, 2016.




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