See the Mach 5!

As canned and potentially boring as set visits can be these days with all the studio-imposed embargos and restrictions, one movie I'd love to visit the set of is SPEED RACER. Sadly, I don't suspect the Wachowskis are exactly piloting the Welcome Wagon. Filming is expected to begin next week in Germany and USA Today has your first look at the Mach 5, Speed's venerable hot rod. If nothing else, it's pretty damn faithful to the cartoon design and look really similar to a model Mach 5 I have sitting on my desk that was used to promote the series DVD. In the article, star Emile Hirsch talks a little bit about the film (as does producer Joel Silver) and reveals that, yes, Chim-Chim will be a real monkey. Click the photo below to head to USA Today to read the whole article.

Extra Tidbit: The Mach 5 has seven buttons that control such functions as rotary saws, a shield and super traction tires.
Source: USA Today



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