See two seconds of new Avatar footage in TV spot for the re-release

The subject of whether or not AVATAR is cash grabbing by coming back to theaters with only eight minutes of new footage is a pretty heated debate lately. As for my contribution to the discussion, I have the definitive answer.

Of course it’s a goddamn cash grab, and the studio has every right to do it.

Don’t think it’s worth it to pay for a full price ticket to see a movie in theaters again with only 3% new footage added onto it? Then don’t see it! But there are plenty of die-hards who will think it worth the cash, as well as many folks, like my parents, who missed the train on the film the first time around, and will now get to see it in IMAX 3D before that chance is gone forever. It’s not quite the same on Blu-Ray is it?

Anyway, this new TV spot has debuted for the re-release, and with it comes about two seconds of never before seen footage that involves Neytiri playing with Pandoran firedragonflies and Jake playing with some sort of homemade planetary mobile. There might be a few other half second bits I missed in there too.

The real question is, will this bonus footage included the famously deleted hair-braid-sex-scene between Neytiri and Jake? According to the banner ads on porn sites these days, there are plenty of people who are dying to see some Na’vi sex.

Extra Tidbit: I hear there's also a scene where Jake gets drunk as a Na'vi.
Source: io9



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