Segel and Kermit?

Here's a strange, unexpected and interesting bit of news to kick off your Thursday. Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, star, co-writers and director of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL have signed on with Disney to develop a new Muppets movie. Say what?! Apparently Segel's character in SARAH MARSHALL is a TV composer and is working on a project that features puppets. The Henson Company provided the puppets and that led to Segel pitching a new concept to Henson and Disney, which execs loved and bought on the spot. Segel brought his SARAH MARSHALL co-writer and director Stoller to the project. It's unclear if Segel would star in the film but Stoller has signed to direct. The two also signed on to work on a more Apatowian comedy titled THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT for Universal, which will star Segel as a guy who managed to get engaged but keeps putting off the actual nuptials. It's unclear in what direction Segel and Stoller plan to take the new Muppet movie but I hope there's at least one banjo inspired musical number (sorry I can't get "Movin' Right Along" out of my head). SARAH MARSHALL hits theaters on April 18th.

Extra Tidbit: The last Muppet movie was 1998's MUPPETS IN SPACE.
Source: Variety



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