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Selleck vs. Kutcher


Does Tom Selleck hibernate in some kind of cryo-stasis when not appearing in public? I swear the guy looks almost the same now as when I watched him tooling around Hawaii in a red Ferrari.

I'm sure he's in good enough shape to take on Ashton Kutcher, a showdown we'll see (sort of) in the action-comedy FIVE KILLERS. Kutcher plays a hitman who, after retiring and settling down with Katherine Heigl (KNOCKED UP), finds his quiet suburban life shattered when he's targeted by a group of assassins from his past.

Selleck plays Heigl's justifiably protective dad, while Catherine O'Hara (BEETLEJUICE, BEST IN SHOW) plays the mom. Martin Mull has also been defrosted from the 1980s to play Kutcher's handler. Robert Luketic (21, LEGALLY BLONDE) is directing the Lionsgate project.

Extra Tidbit: Selleck and his mustache once proved more than a match for Gene Simmons and his tongue (and some rectangular robots) in RUNAWAY.
Source: THR



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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