Semi Pro clip

I'm of the school of thought that Will Ferrell playing pretty much the exact same character for the fifth straight film is still hilarious. And will continue to be hilarious when in twenty years he's playing a geriatric darts master or something. As such it pains me that I'm not in a location where MTV doesn't hate me, and I can't watch the exclusive new clip they have. You guys bailed us out of World War II, you can't give us a hand with the videos too? Or is this our penance for letting things get so out of hand? The clip allegedly sees Will Ferrell made to run until he throws up. But I'm going to pretend it sees Scarlett Johansson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead playing high stakes strip poker. I'm already incredibly disappointed, so why not. At least this way I get to pretend like it actually happened. Check the clip out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: This is Kent Alterman's directorial debut.
Source: MTV



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