Sequel to Piranha 3D already has Feast writers and director

The modest success of August's aquatic horror flick PIRANHA 3D was apparently enough for Dimension to fire a sequel into the pipe as quickly as possible -- the Weinsteins reportedly want another outing with the water chompers in theaters next summer.

Deadline says the studio already has the team behind the FEAST movies, director John Gulager and writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, at work on the follow-up that (no joke) is currently going by the title PIRANHA 3 DD.

As has been publicized, the Weinsteins aren't exactly flooded with cash lately, so it's no surprise they'd seek a crew who can deliver fun frights and gut-churning gore on a limited budget and in a reasonably short period (Dimension wants it in theaters for August 2011). Melton and Dunstan also worked on the past few SAW sequels, and (along with Gulager) were the winners on the last season of "Project Greenlight", which resulted in the first FEAST.

No word yet on how the PIRANHA sequel will follow Alexandre Aja's effort (which fed most of its cast of familiar faces and bikini babes to the hungry fish), but it's bound to be gruesome. And have boobs.

Extra Tidbit: The speed-demons at Dimension also previously had the MY BLOODY VALENTINE team of Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier crank out a HALLOWEEN 3 script in just a few days in an attempt to fit the project into a small schedule window. Didn't quite work out (yet).
Source: Deadline



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