Seriously Jackie Chan?

So this is what is has come to for Jackie Chan? The actor has signed on to star in the action comedy THE SPY NEXT DOOR. The film will have Chan starring as a neighbor who is watching a group of children and is forced to fight off secret agents when one of the kids downloads a secret code. Nevermind that this sounds like something Hulk Hogan would have starred in 20 years ago, is this how Hollywood neuters one of the most popular Asian crossover stars in history? With all the things you can do with Jackie Chan you have him babysitting kids? Did we learn nothing from THE TUXEDO? Having seen the RUSH HOUR films, we know Jackie's got a good sense of humor but bring the action first and sprinkle some comedy in not the other way around. The film will be directed by Brian Levant who has experience domesticating once tough actors (see Ice Cube in ARE WE THERE YET?). For those of us who appreciate what else Chan has to offer, the Hong Kong action drama SHINJUKU INCIDENT is set for release later this year.

Extra Tidbit: I'm gonna go watch RUMBLE IN THE BRONX again.
Source: Variety



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