Serkis joins Tintin

Andy Serkis It wouldn't be a Peter Jackson joint without the either live action or motion capture involvement of Andy Serkis and so he's recently joined the cast of the Jackson and Steven Spielberg directed action adventure trilogy TINTIN. The story comes from the extremely popular Herge comics of the same name centering on a young Belgian reporter who travels the world with his dog Snowy and encounters cooky characters like temperamental sea captain Haddock, Professor Cuthbert Calculus and bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson. And while DreamWorks hasn't confirmed, it's believed Serkis will be playing Haddock. Extremely talented British scribe Steven Moffat (just check out the British "Coupling" sitcom and the episodes he wrote for the revamped "Doctor Who" and you'll see how talented this guy is) wrote the screenplay. The entire trilogy will be done with performance-capture technology and produced in digital 3-D with Jackson and Spielberg directing an installment each and a third director to be decided on later. Serkis can next be seen in the fantasy adventure INKHEART.

Extra Tidbit: Serkis' name is of Armenian descent and would have originally been "Sarkisian".



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