Set Visit: Dead Silence

The name James Wan might not mean anything to the masses just yet, but for the core horror fan, it means the kool Aussie dude behind the tight genre bitter pill that was SAW. Being that I loved SAW to severed pieces, I’m really looking forward in seeing how Wan’s Studio follow up to it named DEAD SILENCE (formally known as "Silence") will turn out. I’m expecting great things! The film was written by Wan and Leigh Whannell (also of SAW) and it stars Ryan Quanten, Donnie "Hangin Tough" Walhberg and hotties Laura Regan & Amber Valetta and will finally come to life in theatres on March 23rd 2007.

JoBlo/Arrow in the Head were invited to the DEAD SILENCE set in Toronto, Canada a while back and the good news is, from what I saw, it looked like the lad won’t let us down. What's Dead Silence about? Read on!

SYNOPSIS: Newlyweds Jamie (Ryan Kwanten) and Lisa Ashen have established a new life for themselves far from their hometown of Ravens Fair – a sleepy, near-forgotten blip on the map haunted by late-night whispers and ghost stories from generations past. But when his wife is gruesomely murdered, Jamie reluctantly returns to Ravens Fair for the funeral, intent on unraveling the mystery surrounding her death.

Once back under his family’s roof, reunited with his ill father (Bob Gunton) and his father’s new young bride (Amber Valletta), Jamie begins to explore the creepy town and encounters the legend of Mary Shaw, a famous murdered ventriloquist whose presence still casts a spell over Ravens Fair. Himself, the lead suspect in his wife’s murder, Jamie is forced to dig deep into the town’s bloody past for answers, where he soon uncovers the truth behind the curse that ended Lisa’s life…and threatens to take his as well.

DAY 1: On our first day on the DEAD SILENCE set, I and a group of happy go lucky journalists were brought onto a “Mansion” set and what a Mansion it was! Think old school, think Hammer, think classic, think creepy as shite! It was there that we got to witness one specific scene being shot.

The scene itself took place in a bedroom. The bedroom had a spooky, "kiddy room" feel to it with a bed and a plane mobile hanging over it from the ceiling. In the bit, we see a window and rain falling outside of it. Then a woman’s shadow looms in and has a conversation with "somebody" that's in the room. Although I couldn’t tell you what was said in the scene (the dialogue was way too low), it was strikingly beautiful visually. I got Bava and Argento’s Suspiria flashbacks over here!

DAY 2: Day 2 was interview day (where one actor actually revealed to us one of the film's biggest twists...bummer for us... I still remember it) but we also got to visit the "doll filled attic set" where hundreds of dolls, doll heads on spikes, doll parts and old books (about dolls of course) were staring back at us...brrr!

Furthermore, we got to see the ventriloquist dummy (ies) that will be used in the film as the lead baddie (see above). His name in the film? "Billy". The always affable and up front James Wan took time off his hectic shooting schedule and joined us on the attic set to talk DEAD and SILENCE shop and here's what he shared with us:

Click here for our interview with James Wan

Stay tuned to the site for interviews with stars Amber Valletta, Donnie Wahlberg and late Twisted Pictures Producer Gregg Hoffman




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