Seven new A-Team clips to make your head explode

What's the vibe you're getting from THE A-TEAM? Do you think it's going to be destructive fun, or just plain stupid? I can’t honestly say which side of the fence I’m on at this point, but if you need help making up your mind, we have seven new clips from the film which you can see in our video section.

All in all it’s about seven-ish minutes of footage, and the scenes expand upon the clips you’ve likely seen in the trailer. I’ve never been a big fan of viewing a ton of footage from a movie before I’ve seen it (hell, even trailers give too much away most of the time), but if that’s your bag you can get a pretty good taste for the film here.

Check out these three clips below, and head over to JoBlo Video for the rest.

Plane Take Off

Photo Booth

Helicopter Chase

Extra Tidbit: I just don't like Rampage here. Cooper and Neeson are a good pair though.
Source: JoBlo



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