Sevigny/Weisz for T4?

I'll never forget how I felt when I first saw Arnold striding through the smoke in the trailer for T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES, so hell yeah I'll be down with another TERMINATOR movie. I love sequels anyway, for every BATMAN FOREVER, you might just get a SPIDERMAN 2, you never know. Apparently - and take this with a ton of salt - Rachel Weisz is 'battling' Chloe Sevigny for a major role in the flick. I can't possibly see how she has to battle anyone for anything, since she's unmatched hotness and an Oscar winner, while Sevigny's major accomplishment has been giving head. It would be like Voltron fighting Elmo. The film will reportedly look at what John Connor and Kate Brewster do when they realize that - after the effects of T3 - they need to create a resistance organization with Earth's remaining survivors against the army of robots being built up by Skynet. Check out the full story on this over at Moviehole, and like I said, take it with a pinch of salt.
Extra Tidbit: In all seriousness, I loved Sevigny in MELINDA AND MELINDA. Sorry.
Source: Moviehole



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