Sewer Rats trailer

I try to be as fair to Uwe Boll as possible. Sure, he's made some horrible, horrible films. And sure, I could say something like hey, watch another of them? I'd rather Uwe Boil my own face! But the truth is I don't really think he's that bad a director. He certainly, by no stretch of the imagination is a good director and he definitely makes down right awful films with a frightening regularity. But in my opinion he ain't as bad a director as people often make out. I just think he's a bad writer and a bad story-teller and that if he would take a good script by a good writer and make it as it was, rather than write in sex-scenes and CGI mutant dogs like he did with ALONE IN THE DARK, he might have something at least mediocre. Anyway, the trailer for his new film 1968: TUNNEL RATS has hit the webs and I really think if you didn't know about it already, or it didn't have Boll's name at the beginning, you probably wouldn't know who made it. As is though, it is Uwe Boll, and as such has as much a chance as any film has of being a total piece of shit. Check it out below:

Thanks to 'Movie Man' for the tip!
Extra Tidbit: Odds on a mutant dog running wild in those tunnels.
Source: YouTube



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