Sex: Lewis and Eigenberg back

SEX AND THE CITY. Come on guys, I know that you hate to admit it but you're just super-psyched about this impending sex with middle aged girls who bitch about it... fest. Now chew on this, Jason Lewis will be back to play Kim Catrall's boyfriend and David Eigenberg is back to get it on with Cynthia Nixon. It's incredible, like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle with the pieces just sliding into place.

To be honest, (not by choice) I have seen my fair share of Sex and the City, but I don't think I can even remember what David Eigenberg looks like. I'm pretty sure he could sprint through my living room, on fire and I wouldn't notice, he is so nondescript. Jason Lewis though, is mantastic. Don't expect a tremendous performance from him though, he's already hooked up with Rosario Dawson so his career has already brought him as much as it ever will. And I'm sure he knows it. Jennifer Hudson is thus far, the first new name to join the cast, but production starts in a week, so expect a couple more announcements!
Extra Tidbit: I HATE that all these SEX news pieces are coming on my shift and I have subsequently become the guy on JoBlo.com who is reporting on SEX AND THE CITY.
Source: MTV



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