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Shane Black gets some help from Jon Favreau for Iron Man 3


During the Hero Complex Film Festival, a screening on IRON MAN was held and after a Q&A with director Jon Favreau. Those in attendance were also treated to a surprise appearance from Robert Downey Jr. Of course the two got to talking about the third installment in the drunken adventures of Tony Stark. There is a good amount of playful banter on the subject, but Black did ask for assistance and Favreau is more than willing to do it.

Check out their convo below:

Downey Jr: Hereís the first thing I want to say. The most difficult part of making Iron Man 3 is going to be negotiating Jon Favreauís acting deal.

Favreau: If The Freak isnít in it, Iím not doing it. If Happy Hogan doesnít turn into The Freak, Iím not doing it. Hereís what happens to Happy Hogan, he marries Pepper PottsÖ

Downey Jr: Wait a minute, you want both?

Favreau: I want a love scene with Pepper Potts with my shirt on and I want to transform into The Freak.

Downey Jr. - The negotiations have begun and so far Iím in agreement on every point. Well Shane, interestingly enough, there was a point when Jon and I were stuck on an idea [with a previous film]. We were just in an exploratory phase. So I said, ĎWe should talk to Shane.í And I was like, ĎShane, we canít really pay.í And he was like, ĎBring me some salmon and some blueberries.í And we went to Yodaís house in Miracle Mile and it wound up coming in handy, particularly for a couple scenes. So what I can say about this kind of circle of life thing is Shane, as heís getting into the process [to direct Iron Man 3] and getting his sea legs and stuff, he goes, ĎWhen can we talk to Jon?í So thereís going to be this kind of conglomerate of efforts.

Favreau: And I love the franchise and Iím a big fan of Shaneís as well so hopefully I can be helpful because I want to see this thing grow and transform. And actually, when it finally landed on Shane, it was like, ĎAll right, thatís gonna be something interesting.í Especially because itís gonna be so difficult for whoever does that one because although itís Iron Man 3, the whole Avengers thingÖI guess in comics you can say that itís an individual storyline and you can break it off into a group. But in movies, itís hard not to take into consideration what just happened. What are you gonna say? ĎThey all just lost their cell phones and you canít get help?í So itís going to take a lot of ingenuity to make it make sense to a mainstream film audience as well as a comic book audience.

Downey Jr. But again the toughest man of Iron Man 3 will be Jon Favreauís day rate. Itís gonna be huge and Iíll see that they pay it.

RDJ also made some funny comments on the filming of THE AVENGERS:

Downey Jr: Well, I hate everybody. [Audience laughs] Iím not talking about the cast, Iím not talking about Joss. What I mean is I tend to look at a scene and say ĎThis is absolutely impossible, we canít shoot this, itís horrible. I can tell you 10 other movies its been in, I refuse.í I usually start off the morning by refusing to do what Iíve signed on to do. So I brought that attitude, happily. I just thought ĎHow are you gonna put all of us clowns together? Heís wearing a suit, heís all jacked up, heís so and so and poor Mark Ruffalo, heís gonna out do usí. And weíre about six weeks in and I have to say Joss Whedon is nailing it. Heís so smart and so good. And itís gonna be great. I canít believe I just said it, I never couldíve believed this but itís gonna be great.

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